1) The last name taken by Túrin, during his days in the Forest of Brethil. Translated 'Master of Doom', and by Túrin himself 'Master of the Dark Shadow'.
   The surname of Túrin.
   A title meaning 'Master of Doom', taken by Túrin son of Húrin in defiance of the curse placed upon his family by Morgoth.
  2) (King of Gondor)
   The ninth King of the South-kingdom.
   The heir of King Rómendacil I, who succeeded to the throne of Gondor after the violent death of his father at the hands of the Easterlings.
   Turambar sought vengeance for his father's death, and succeeded brilliantly. We are told that he not only avenged the loss of Rómendacil, but carried his conquests into the lands of the Easterlings themselves, winning much new territory for his Kingdom.
   Due to his father's untimely loss, Turambar came early to Gondor's throne. His rule lasted longer than a century, and was the longer by far than that of any preceding Gondorian monarch since that of his ancestor

J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth glossary. . 2003.

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